Poppy Seed Pets is a free (and ad-free!) web browser based pet game, developed and consistently updated by indie developer Ben Hendel-Doying. Main gameplay revolves around adopting and caring for Pets, who perform actions hourly such as Exploring, Crafting, forming Groups and building Relationships with each other.

Getting Started! Edit

Upon joining Poppy Seed Pets, you'll immediately be greeted by Mia. She'll ask you how your trip was, and then you'll be prompted to select a name and site theme, before being directed to a Pet creation page. From here you'll be able to select one of 16 starter species, as well as their colours and name. This is your first Pet!

Main Gameplay Edit

Basic Pet Care Edit

To care for your Pet, you'll need to regularly take part in three actions: Feeding, Petting and Praising.

Food is mainly obtained through Pet actions, but can be received weekly through Care Packages, and later on can be purchased through the Market. You can feed your pet through your House by selecting the Feed... option, selecting an edible and then clicking on your Pet! Certain food types give temporary Status Effects such as Nausea and Caffeinated.

Petting and Praising are both done through the Pet window! These actions will raise your bond with your Pet, as well as helping them feel more safe and accomplished. Raising your bond will unlock more game features.

Actions Edit

Once an hour, your Pet will perform actions! They can do things such as gather Items, fight enemies for Resources, Craft new Tools and interact with other Pets! Certain actions will have positive and negative effects on your Pet's status depending on how well they go.

Cooking and Crafting Edit

Cooking and Crafting are the two main ways of obtaining new items on Poppy Seed Pets! Cooking can be done from the Home page and requires a variety of Food items. Crafting is primarily done by your Pets through random actions. Recipes for both can be found in Books, which can be purchased from the Library but aren't required to make things.

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