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Poppy Seed Pets is a free (and ad-free!) web browser-based pet game, developed and consistently updated by indie developer Ben Hendel-Doying. The game, which revolves around owning and managing multiple funny-looking pets, has so many features it would be impossible to describe in proper sentence and paragraph format.

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Poppy Seed Pets
  • Watch your pets form and change their relations with other user-owned pets.
  • Own a potentially infinite amount of pets through the Pet Shelter's daycare system.
  • Combine items your pets bring you to discover the game's plethora of unique recipes.
  • Pet, praise, and feed your pet its favorite flavors in order to gain affection.
  • Give your pets magic powers if they love you enough.
  • Give pets swords, spears, overly-long spears, ridiculously long spears, scissors, or other sharp objects for that extra sense of fear.
  • Witness your pets do dumb things every hour(they may gather supplies, comfort a friend, OR fail at going fishing for three hours straight. There are so many possible actions, it's hard to predict what a pet will do or bring home next!)
  • Take part in community events, such as dressing up your pets and sending them Trick-or-Treating to other player’s doorsteps on Halloween!
  • Compete with other users' pets every day with the Park by signing up your pets for Tri-D Chess, Kin-Ball, or Jousting tournaments for a chance to bring home moneys.
  • Buy VERY well written books from the Bookstore >:)
  • Discover all the features I've left out! I can't just tell you ALL the juicy details. That's for you to find out on your own, silly you.
  • Enjoy the casual atmosphere Ben creates for his players, and maybe even interact with the community a little bit through the Fan Discord.
  • Love your pets!
Recent News

The next full moon will be the Pink Moon, which will occur around April 26, 2021 PSP.

During this period, all full moon effects will be active. Additionally, the Pink Balloon will be available in Park Events.

The next non-full-moon event to look out for is the PSP Birthday celebration, which runs from June 21-23. During this time, Park Events will drop random colored PSP B-day Presents (with a daily limit).

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