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Poppy Seed Pets is a free (and ad-free!) web browser-based pet game, developed and consistently updated by indie developer Ben Hendel-Doying. The game, which revolves around owning and managing multiple funny-looking pets, has so many features it would be impossible to describe in proper sentence and paragraph format.

It is currently about Friday, 2020 December 4, 05:21 Poppy Seed Pets Time

Poppy Seed Pets
  • Watch your pets form and change their relations with other user-owned pets.
  • Own a potentially infinite amount of pets through the Pet Shelter's daycare system.
  • Combine items your pets bring you to discover the game's plethora of unique recipes.
  • Pet, praise, and feed your pet its favorite flavors in order to gain affection.
  • Give your pets magic powers if they love you enough.
  • Give pets swords, spears, overly-long spears, ridiculously long spears, scissors, or other sharp objects for that extra sense of fear.
  • Witness your pets do dumb things every hour(they may gather supplies, comfort a friend, OR fail at going fishing for three hours straight. There are so many possible actions, it's hard to predict what a pet will do or bring home next!)
  • Take part in community events, such as dressing up your pets and sending them Trick-or-Treating to other player’s doorsteps on Halloween!
  • Compete with other users' pets every day with the Park by signing up your pets for Tri-D Chess, Kin-Ball, or Jousting tournaments for a chance to bring home moneys.
  • Buy VERY well written books from the Bookstore >:)
  • Discover all the features I've left out! I can't just tell you ALL the juicy details. That's for you to find out on your own, silly you.
  • Enjoy the casual atmosphere Ben creates for his players, and maybe even interact with the community a little bit through the Fan Discord.
  • Love your pets!
Recent News

The Christmas celebration is currently active and will last until 2020 December 31, 23:59 PSP time.

Remember to check your Fireplace each day in December.

Don't forget to craft your seasonal Treelight Lantern this month!

Bonus: Pennyroyal can now be applied to tools by combining them with Spearmint.

Mint Bush can now be planted in the Greenhouse as an Earth Plot crop.

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